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I’m Allie McAdam, a self-taught web designer turned Instagram strategist and host of the Passion In Business Podcast.

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I help kickass business owners — just like you — find, reach, and convert their target audience through the platform of Instagram.  Generally, I find that a lot of my current community members are in many different stages… what do you need help with?

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If you’re like most of my audience, you’re a passionate, high-driven individual with a little too much ambition for your own good (even though you and I both know that’s not really possible!).  You are willing to do whatever it takes to learn and be successful by your own standards.  You want to share your thoughts and work with an audience that knows and loves you for what you are — a creative with the knack for bootstrapping.

But something keeps getting in the way: you don’t have the right tools or know-how when it comes to marketing and building your business on a platform like Instagram.


  • You feel like others are getting success and results on Instagram and you just don’t understand why you aren’t too.
  • You feel like you gain four or five followers one day, just to lose five or six the next.
  • You want to connect with an audience but feel like they’re simply not interested in any of your content.
  • You are sick of trying to make Instagram work just to end up deciding that it “isn’t where your audience is anyway”.

If so, you’re totally not alone.  We have all felt this way!


I know what it feels like to get frustrated with Instagram, not getting the results you wish you were, and feeling like no one gives a damn about you or what you have to say (let alone your business).

For almost a year I spent countless hours trying to test out new strategies and tactics Youtube and random “guru’s” were telling me to do only to realize (or at least feel like) they weren’t telling me the whole story or were holding back the good stuff.

allie mcadam instagram post instagram post editing podcast
Above are posts from right before I started taking IG seriously.

As a pretty young entrepreneur who had very little experience and only self-taught knowledge to back me up,  I figured that was the reason no one was taking me seriously or giving my latest post more than ten or fifteen likes.  I have since faced the hard reality that it doesn’t matter what you know, what your age is, or how cool you think you are… not even close!

The answer was (and VERY much still is!) that it matters what value you can offer to others and how well you can teach it.  Doesn’t matter the industry, niche, or audience.

This one truth opened up a variety of different doors for me and surprisingly unlocked the secrets to making Instagram work.


Today, I am a podcaster who has been able to connect with insanely creative and talented entrepreneurs, learn from them, and figure out how they have been able to build successful businesses while still contributing back to others.  Although each one has their own unique strategies on how to grow and scale a business, it was very evident that Instagram was the one for me.

I am a coach and a friend to those who have a genuine hunger to share value with their targeted audience via product, service, or pure awesoeme-ness and would like to do this through Instagram but need a little help working out the kinks in their strategy (or setting up a strategy altogether!).

my son and I my son and I
Above are posts from the first six months of being on Instagram.

But most importantly, I am a mom.  I can sit here and share with you numbers and stats saying “look how popular I am on Instagram, I have sooooo many followers!”  But instead I want to say that this is what it truly comes down to:

Because of Instagram, I am able to have a business and be home with my amazingly sassy (don’t know where he gets it from) two year old who I get to spend time with and be there for all the memories that come with him.


Hello there Allie!  I‘m loving the free tips.  I’m a big fan of what you are doing and it’s really helping me with the IG business.

I just got my first paid shout out (after just 1month!!).  And I would like to thank you for that, you are really helping me with your blog, podcasts and tips.  You have +1 fan from Belgium.

van daele Anton




I would like to help you both see the power behind Instagram’s engagement rates and show you how you can start building an audience that raves about you and your products.

You don’t have to struggle at creating a marketing strategy for this platform, and you sure as hell don’t have to keep watching hours and hours of Youtube videos and reading blog post after blog post trying to find the answers to simple tactics like:

  • turning a hobby into a paying business
  • growing your following
  • creating a content strategy
  • and converting followers into email subscribers.

I have straight forward answers for all of these struggles and I want to give them to you (no secrets included).

Start by promising yourself that you’re going to give this your all and really put in effort to make it work.  Because, I can give you the tools and the strategies — but you have to be the one to put them into place and be willing to do a little dirty work (even though it might not be as much as you may think)!  You can start by signing up for my email newsletter.  When you do, I will send you my free video series to help you optimize your account and start attracting your ideal target audience.

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