PIB36 – Nicole Lundy | Building Your Brand & Growing Your Business

In this episode, we record a Blab show in front of a live audience with the beautiful and very talented Nicole Lundy!  We discuss how building a brand can help you grow and scale your business.

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Building A Brand & Growing Your Business:

  • How to create an about page for your website that will completely relate to your audience!
  • How Nicole got started with her business and how to stay motivated with your own.
  • Why branding is so important for businesses, both online and off.
  • How branding and marketing come together to build your business and help it grow beyond what it is today.
Nicole Lundy

Nicole Lundy

Money Making Brand Strategist

Nicole is the owner and founder of the Pretty & Profiting Movement.  She dramatically changed her life when she left corporate back in 2009 and decided to help others do the same!  She loves to teach brands and businesses make major impacts and allow personality to shine where it matters most.  Nicole is your branding expert when it comes to growing your business.


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