PIB10 – Recap Of Interviews With Andrea Victory-Lacasse & Austin Hollingshead

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This is the a recap episode for the Passion In Business Podcast.  Covered in this episode are two interviews done with Andrea Victory-Lacasse (Episode 7) as well as Austin Hollingshead (Episode 8 & Episode 9).

Key points of Andrea’s Interview:

  • Make sure your message is clear.  Once you are clear on that, then that makes it clear for your audience.
  • What its like to work with a partner.
  • Find what it is that you want to do, get that specific thing all figured out, then do a bigger idea later.
  • Gives advice on how someone start a business even if its in a flooded space.

Key points From Austin’s Interview:

  • Figure out what your dream is but know when it’s time to change and evolve that dream.
  • Question everything.
  • Make the choice to do everything that you do.
  • What the power of asking the question “why” can do.
  • The world is a canvas, there is a piece for each of us to add our own brush strokes to.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this episode where it’s just me this time, going over my interviews that I am so grateful to have had with Andrea Victory-Lacasse & Austin Hollingshead.  Enjoy!

iTunes Review Mentioned In This Episode:

Quote By Andrea:

“Don’t do everything at once.  You just can’t.”

Andrea Victory-Lacasse

Andrea Victory-Lacasse

Owner Of Face Cookie Daily

Andrea Victory-LaCasse is a beauty expert,entrepreneur and writer. She is currently half of the duo for Face Cookie Daily – a new beauty site featuring a daily beauty tip newsletter that she creates with her sister Angela Victory-Smith. Sign up at facecookiedaily.com for an easy tip you can do every weekday.

Andrea's Interview

Episode #7:Making Your Message Clear & Working With Partner

Quote By Austin:

“It becomes very important to ask the question: Why am I doing what I am doing?  What am I trying to achieve?”

Austin Hollingshead

Austin Hollingshead

Austin has a passion for knowledge. He is often told that he thinks to much, which is absolutely true.  He lives for his family and works hard to understand the human condition.  He is always eager for a deep conversation and to experience all life has to offer.

Austin's Interview

Part One

Episode #8:How To Know When To Change The Direction You’re Going In

Part Two

Episode #9: Ask Yourself The Question – “Why?”

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