PIB11 – Tell Your Story – A “How To” Networking Tip

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“Tell your own story with drive, emotion, passion, and most importantly — personality.”  Allie McAdam

Episode #11 of the Passion In Business Podcast is all about telling your story to the world and how to integrate it into networking yourself and your business.

I first start off by telling a little bit of my story (about Allie McAdam) to give an idea of what it’s like to tell your own story.  We also cover the five “w” questions to breaking down telling the story — Who, What, When, Where, Why, and the bonus of How.

Telling your story to both your customers as well as with other people you meet can be beneficial to your business and help others to not only be able to relate to you and what you do, but also grow a relationship with them.

Listen to Episode #11 of the Passion In Business Podcast to not only figure out the most efficient way to tell your own story, but to take action as well.


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I hope that you have enjoyed this episode and I look forward to the next one with an amazing business owner that has a lot of experience in his field of expertise.  Until then, have an amazing day!

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