PIB12 – How To Become Who You Want To Be with Ken Whipple

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“You can have anything you want.  Dream big.”  Ken Whipple

This is an interview with the amazing Ken Whipple who I personally see as a mentor in my own life.  I have gone to this incredible man for both business advice as well as personal and every single time I have a conversation with him I feel fired up and as motivated as ever to take on life and the challenges that it presents to me!  I wanted to give to you some of his wisdom and experience too because I felt like he had a lot to offer.

Key Points Of Ken’s Interview:

  • Law Of Attraction.  Ken is very successful with his business and speaks about visualizing what you want and then going after it.
  • Start off small when building your business.  When you are first starting out, it isn’t always smart to go “all in” with everything you have–including the shirt on your back.  Instead, Ken advises that when you are starting out with your business, you should start out small and allow your business to grow as you do.  Invest in yourself = investing in your business and success.
  • You become who you surround yourself with.  Ken gave quite a few stories of his past of how his father supported him and the challenges that he went through.  But he also spoke about cutting people out of his life when they were too negative.  Don’t allow this negativity in your life to weigh you down!


Go invest in yourself, visualize where you want to be, see yourself doing it, and then take action and make that first step towards that end goal!  If you have any comments, please leave them below or contact me through the form and I will get back to you.  Thanks so much for listening and I hope that you have an amazing day!

Ken Whipple

Ken Whipple

Owner, Park City Jewelers

After making his first sale at a very young age, Ken quickly figured out that he wanted to be a jeweler.  He has successful built up his business in Park City that not only shows his motivation and drive for his work, but his passion for the jewelry industry.

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