PIB14 – Recap Of Interviews With Ken Whipple and Nate Hockstra

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This is a recap episode for the Passion In Business Podcast to cover the last two interviews that were in Episode 12 and Episode 13.  I will not only go over the key points of the episodes with Ken Whipple and Nate Hockstra, but also talk about how I was able to apply these messages in my own life and business that I am building for myself.

Key Points Of Ken’s Interview:

  • Law Of Attraction.  Ken is very successful with his business and speaks about visualizing what you want and then going after it.
  • Start off small when building your business.  When you are first starting out, it isn’t always smart to go “all in” with everything you have–including the shirt on your back.  Instead, Ken advises that when you are starting out with your business, you should start out small and allow your business to grow as you do.  Invest in yourself = investing in your business and success.
  • You become who you surround yourself with.  Ken gave quite a few stories of his past of how his father supported him and the challenges that he went through.  But he also spoke about cutting people out of his life when they were too negative.  Don’t allow this negativity in your life to weigh you down!

Key Points Of Nate’s Interview:

  • How to uncover whats stopping you and blast through it like dynamite.  Nate explains thoroughly about how you need to allowed yourself to feel whatever it is that you need to feel and understand those feelings before you can move forward and truly overcome them.
  • 3 secrets to setting goals that never fails.  First, make sure your message is clear and that you have enough clarity to know what you are going after.  Second, write it down and make it real.  And finally, find a mentor.
  • Tips to ensuring a happy and fulfilling life.  Real definition of happiness is a “sense of meaning”, according to Nate.  So go out and find what makes you feel like your life matters.  Many tips for this were mentioned throughout the interview but one of those were to meditate.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy this episode where it’s just me this time, going over my interviews that I am so grateful to have had with Ken Whipple and Nate Hockstra.

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“Enjoy your retirement now, even before you’ve reached your retirement.” Ken Whipple

Ken Whipple

Ken Whipple

Owner, Park City Jewelers

After making his first sale at a very young age, Ken quickly figured out that he wanted to be a jeweler.  He has successfully built up his business in Park City that not only shows his motivation and drive for his work, but his passion for the jewelry industry.

Ken's Interview

Episode #12: How To Become Who You Want To Be

“Just because I don’t achieve a goal, doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up on it.” Nate Hockstra
Nate Hockstra

Nate Hockstra

Elite Performance Coach

Nate is an Elite Results Performance Coach for one of the most well respected peak performance coaches in the industry. He has coached over 300 people and logged over 2000+ hours in the saddle to help people make change happen in their life.  He’s worked with clients ranging from an admiral in the United States Navy, A-list movie celebrities and industry leading 8 figure entrepreneurs.


Nate's Interview

Episode #13: How To Uncover Whats Stopping You And Tips On Goal Setting

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