PIB15 – Part One: Setting Goals – How You’re Really Supposed To Set Goals

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“Even though I shot for the sky and didn’t make it, I was still awesome.  Because I made it just beneath the clouds.” Allie McAdam

Episode #15 is all about goal setting!  Even though this is already a popular topic, I wanted to get in and dive down deep into how you’re really supposed to set goals which is by following simple goal setting rules.

Goal Setting Rules Include:

  • You can’t let any of the goals you write contradict any others.
  • Pick goals that will allow you to develop different areas of your life (example: family, health, career, spiritual, etc).
  • Make sure your goals are portrayed optimistically and positively.
  • Add ALL the details into the goal.
  • Aim for the stars!
  • Review your goals often.
  • Share them with your peeps (friends, family… anyone who will listen).
  • Create your own Daily Success Plan.

By following all of these Goal Setting Rules, you can not only write out goals the right way but you are likely to follow through with them too!

Bonus: When you are creating your goals, don’t forget to go at them with the “big picture” in mind.  What is the overall thing you want to accomplish?  Where to you see yourself (and want to be) in a few years, or even a decade, from now?  This is your big picture, the thing that you want the most.


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I hope that you have enjoyed this episode and I look forward to the next one that is Part Two of this Goal Setting series.  Until then, I hope that you have an amazing day and keep killing it.  See ya!

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