In this episode you will learn tips and tricks to understanding how other people might set their goals and to know that there are multiple ways to do it–you need to find the method that works best for you, in a way that you will actually be able to go after the goals that you set for yourself–and I’ll share some of my own goals with you.

By figuring out the best way that works for you when it comes to setting goals, you can discover powerful tools that will help you get through the challenges that are sure to show themselves once you start on your journey to success.

How To Set Up Goals So That They Break Through Challenges

Podcast Show Notes

For more information on how to actually set up a goal, you can go to a blog post titled How To Write A Proper Goal That Matters or listen to the previous episode.

How I Set Up My Goals:

Yearly.  Ok first of all… You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year in order to set these goals!  In fact, you do not ever have to wait to set any goals.  That said, setting up your yearly goals are great because they help you see that big picture of what you might want to go after.  Some examples of yearly goals can include: getting a special certificate in your career, buying a new car, or paying off a large portion of debt (or, heck, all of it!).  Set up these goals so they are a bit broader and that way you can go for the gold.

Monthly.  Now it’s time for the leaps and bounds of your goals.  Break down that bigger goal that you have into smaller chunks and this will slowly break down that elephant.  By knowing the shorter steps you need to take in order to reach your bigger goals makes it easier and easier.  But don’t stop the “breaking down” there…

Weekly. Got your leaps and bounds figured out?  Awesome!  Now let’s say that your yearly goal was “Become debt free by New Years Eve of this year” (a great goal by the way, if you can accomplish that then you are pretty incredible!).  Your monthly goals, to align with your yearly goal, is to pay off a certain amount of your total amount of debt each month.  Then finally your weekly goal would be to work a certain amount of hours that will allow you to get your bills paid, feed the dog, and still be able to put aside some extra cash that’ll push you towards becoming debt free and guilt free, too.  Take this example and use it to set up all of your weekly goals just like it.

DAILY.  This is by far my favorite kind of goal.  Why?  Because its the one that you  can see the highest ROI (return on investment) of your time and effort.  First you need to determine what your MIA of the day will be — this is your “Most Important Action”.  Your MIA is the thing that either all your other items on that dang “Did I Get It Done List” line up to reach OR it is that one item that if you cross it off of your list you feel very successful with your day and you can happily go to bed knowing that you were productive.  Your daily goals, or Most Important Actions, should align with your weekly goals (because, assuming you set up your goals properly, those align with your monthly goals — and then those with your yearly).

BONUS: In this podcast episode, I talk about creating “themes” around your days and then sticking to those themes to up your productivity levels and outcome of your day.  Listen in to the episode to find out how this works.

Dealing With Challenges & Failure:

Don’t forget that life happens.  We all know that things are going to happen.  Sure you made a goal to become a Body Builder and yet this week your eating habits were terrible and your work out regime didn’t align with this goal what-so-ever.  It’s ok.  I promise.  Life is always going make it so that you get busy or things come up, this is the most common challenge to setting and achieving your goals.  By allowing some wiggle room in your goals (yet still making sure they are ambitious and pushing you) then you should be good to go.  Don’t be upset if you don’t reach your goals right away or when you wanted to, you just have to keep at them.

Action speaks louder than words.  So now that you’ve said you wanted to accomplish something, don’t you think you should maybe go and do it?  Remember that action speaks louder than words in a powerful way.  Take that action to achieve your goals.

Look at the big picture.  What do you really want in life and how do you want to feel?  Stepping back and changing your perspective to match the answer to this question will allow you to shape and mold the most empowering goals you possibly can.  Don’t set out to accomplish something that you won’t 128% be happy with the results of.


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I would love it if you reached out to me and let me know what challenges you are facing when going after the goals you are setting for yourself or any success stories you might have.  I, admittedly, am kind of a success story junkie. (:

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