In this episode, we cover quick tips to help you be more productive.  We also go over how to be able to apply methods and strategies to your life every single day and watch as a unique difference and change takes effect.

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Quick & Dirty Productivity Tips That Will Make A Difference

Podcast Show Notes

Key Concepts Discussed In This Episode:

#1: Quick tips for productivity that you can start using right away

You should note that everyone is different and so each individual has their own systems and way to being productive.  These are simply some quick tips to get you started so that you can start using them today!

  • Find your rhythm
  • Get motivated
  • Clear your work area / desk
  • 80/20 rule applies to productivity
  • Finish something
  • Change the way you write your to do list
  • Use the 1-3-5 rule (One Mission; 3 Medium-Sized Projects; 5 Small Tasks)
  • Use the 6 item list method

#2: The top trick that I am using personally and have seen great results from

I personally use the 6 item list method — where you write out a “brain dump” of all of the tasks and things that you need to accomplish today, then you organize these things (or pick the prominent ones) and put them into a prioritized list of 6 items only.

By only choosing 6 items that you need to get done for one day, you are forcing yourself to really focus and pick the ones that will make the biggest different towards your goals and / or are urgent and absolutely need to be done by the next day (example: a project you are getting done for a client with a due date).

#3: How to make productivity work for you (and not against you)

There are so many tips and tricks out there, experts telling you what to do and what not to do when it comes to being productive.  The number one trick to simplifying this is to find what works for you, everyone is different.  Second, make sure whatever you choose to use as your productivity strategy you should test to be sure it isn’t actually working against you by taking up more of your time, giving you more to do, or taking up precious space in your head that you need to focus on your work.

Listen to the episode to hear how I have figured out how my mind works and how I am able to then create my own system that works for me and not against me.


My Growth Goal This Week:

Cut down on the amount of hours that I work, while still getting the same amount of work done.

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Practical Productivity

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