In this episode, we will cover what a Stat Sheet is, how to create and use your own, and what kind of benefits and results you can get by applying this to your own business.

Keeping A Complete Stat Sheet For Your Growing Business

Podcast Show Notes

Key Concepts Discussed In This Episode:

In this episode, I want to help you go from not knowing what your audience and business development looks like to knowing exactly what your growth is on a weekly basis.

What is a stat sheet.  A spreadsheet either in excel, google sheets, or another spreadsheet format that you create to track and control your business statistics and results.

How to create and use your own stat sheet. When it comes to creating your own stat sheet (or if you already have one that you want to tweak and make a little better) you need to pick which format you use with convenience in mind — aka, which one are you actually going to use regularly and update often.  I personally prefer to use google sheets because I can use it anywhere and always have access to it if I have internet.

Sidenote: I recently discovered that Excel also has an online feature where you can access your Excel sheets anywhere with internet as well.  So if you are making your choice (like I did) because of an online convenience, you can do that with Excel as well!

Next you figure out the layout of your spreadsheet. Listen to the episode to hear how I set up my own personal stat sheet for my business.  Here is a screen shot of an example of what you could do as well:

Bonus Tip: Notice how there are boxes highlighted?  These could be your hypothetical goals for that week.  You set them at the beginning of the week for the week to follow.  These are the stats and items on your sheet that you are going to be putting extra effort in building and growing that next week.  This is a great way to see if your efforts and time were spent well and you can always look back on previous weeks that were exceptional, see what you had focused on that week and use the Rinse & Repeat method by doing that again to see if you can achieve similar results.

Benefits and results you can receive by applying this to your business.  By tracking your business in such an excessive way, you can figure out what is working and what is not — then act accordingly.  You don’t want to be spending a lot of time on a project or task that isn’t bringing you a lot of results or pushing you towards your end goal.  This is just like tracking your finances, you don’t want to spend unnecessary money and then not have enough to pay the bills at the end of month… So don’t spend your time that you can’t get back on meaningless tasks that don’t make a big impact on your growing business.

Personal Growth Goal This Week:

This week I am in New York!  So my goal is to network, meet new people, and grow some incredible relationships. (:

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Thanks so much for listening to this weeks episode!  I enjoyed giving this content because it is a tool and method that I have been using for a while that I learned from another podcast and thought that it would benefit you as well!

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