In this episode, we will cover more than just the average “pros and cons” to going to live events — but also: how to benefit the most from them, how to get the most out of the money you spend on them, and the culture shock you might receive from traveling.  Recently, I went to the very first Periscope Summit in New York City and I wanted to share a few insights that I am so grateful to have learned from this fun trip.

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What You Get From Attending A Live Event

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Key Concepts Discussed In This Episode:

Listen in to the episode to know the pros and cons of live events (vs online),  if live events are right for you, and my personal take on how to take the most out of your money spent on these things.

4 Insights From Attending A Live Event:

#1. Which Is Better – live or online events?

Traveling.  Paying for flights, transportation, and food can add up — all on top of the tickets for the actual events.  Although this can be seen as a con for going to live events, it can also play into your fun and adventurous side.  Whereas, when you attend an online event you can literally go in your pajamas and in the comfort of your own home and do not have to take the time (or the money) to travel anywhere.

Networking.  When you attend a live event you can meet new people, network, and grow relationships that could help you build your business.  You don’t always get this experience from watching an event from online.

#2. The Culture Shock

I personally loved seeing the cultural difference from where I live, to where I traveled to.   I learned a lot from the people I was able to meet and was even able to enjoy some incredible food.  The culture shock you receive from traveling and going to live events gives you a change in perspective on life.

#3. Difference In Speakers

I feel that if you want to be a speaker you should be the kind of speaker that people feel the need to pull out pen and paper and literally take notes when you open your mouth.

You should also be authentic!  I personally feel that the speakers I can relate the most to are the ones that do the best.

#4. How I Feel You Should Act Even When You Gain “Popularity”

Listen to the episode to learn how I feel about popularity and my own personal definition of “success”.

My Growth Goal This Week:

I am currently reading the book “Ask” by Ryan Levesque (which I am loving).  My goal this week is to finish the book and start taking action on the things that I learn from it.

Practical Productivity

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