In this episode, I interview John P. Cordray from The John Cordray Show.  This episode was recorded on a new platform called Blab in front of a live audience.  John gives solid advice on how you can gain confidence in yourself, deal with mental stress and challenges, and how telling your story can help you resonate with the people your business affects.

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Tell your story.  During this interview, John talks a lot about how every individual has their own story and they should share that story with the rest of the world.  By sharing your background and history with others, especially with customers or clients that you are working with in your business, you are able to resonate better with that audience and they have a better chance of relating to you.

Have confidence in yourself.  For the first time in any of the Passion In Business episodes, I personally share part of my “story” with everyone that I have never shared before (listen to the episode to find out what it is).  After sharing this with John, he teaches me as well as everyone else that is listening that its ok to go through challenges because they make you stronger.  Sometimes we simply need to tell ourselves the words “it’s ok” and to believe in ourselves — even when nobody else does.

How mental health has a lot to do with your business.  When you have a lot of stress, anxiety, or even simply low self-confidence it can affect your business… Because you are your business.  Seeking out professional help, someone who you can talk with about what is keeping you from reaching your full potential can really push your business forward.

John P. Cordray

John P. Cordray

Licensed Therapist and Podcaster

John Cordray is a licensed therapist, a national certified counselor and the host of The John Cordray Show. John’s passion is to help people overcome emotional barriers that often get in the way of business and relationships. John is your C.E.O. – Chief Encouragement Officer. Listen to John’s show on iTunes or Stitcher radio or from his website every Tuesday and Thursday.


Thanks for listening to today’s episode!  This show was recorded on Blab, a new social media network.  Try it out for yourself and follow both Allie McAdam and John Cordray to find out when they go live next!

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