In this episode, we cover how to schedule time for our biggest priorities first before all of the tasks that need to be completed for our businesses and work.

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Life events are always going to come up.  In this episode I really wanted to cover this topic and how we can schedule our business lives and out personal lives together.  Finding work/life balance is so important and ironically one of the hardest things to accomplish.  By scheduling your personal life first, this can help you find that balance and strive for a better life.

If you are always working, how is that living?  When you look back on this day, are you going to remember all of the things you crossed off your “to do” list or will you remember the random dance party you had with your child because they started breaking out in a goofy little dance when a song that they loved came on, so you joined in?  Make today’s moments the memories that you will have later on and will truly cherish.

Plan time for family and yourself before everything else.  This is like paying yourself money into your savings before spending money, the spending money will always be spent just like the time on your business or work if you don’t first pay yourself, or otherwise set aside time for yourself and your family, the things that are most important for you.

This is like putting deposits in your relationships with those you love, too many “theoretical” withdrawals and your relationships will suffer.

Working around sick days. Know that you are going to have sick days, if you were to have a JOB then you would be able to take days off and life goes on, someone else replaces you for that day.  Tell yourself that it is ok to be sick and to take a break when your body needs it.

Quick Tips For Scheduling Your Time:

  • identify your priorities
  • work when you’re at your best
  • look for ways to conserve time
  • fit work into your lifestyle, not the other way around
  • understand what you can realistically achieve with your time

Listen to todays episode to get all of the content on how you can prioritize and schedule your time so that you fit life events into your business schedule.

My Growth Goal This Week:

This week, for some reason, is extraordinarily busy for me.  Even with all of the projects and things that I have going on, I will schedule my personal time and time with my incredible son first and then leave room for my work.  I am paying myself before the bills and that is going to make a major difference in the long run.

Connect With Me

Thanks so much for listening to this episode, it is truly a topic that I have struggled with and I am working on getting better at and would love to help you be able to do the same!  If you are interested in connecting more with me one thing that I am really enjoying is Instagram and the community there.

Join me on Instagram and reach out to me to let me know what you are struggling with and how you prioritize your time.  Have you truly figured out a secret way to work/life balance? I would love to hear it!

Have a fantastic day, keep killing it, and I’ll see-ya!

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