This week we are doing things a little differently because I have put together a little mini-series for you all surrounding the topic of websites and how they can help you build your business online.  You will get a new concept each day on how you can either get started with your own website if you haven’t already or how you can build up your existing site and get more out of it.

In this episode, we cover how to personalize your site, make it fun for you and your business, and why I personally enjoy building them.

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Key Concepts Discussed In This Episode:

Personalize your website and make it your own.  Yes you should be proffessional and make sure your website reflects your business values, but you should also keep in mind that people want to do business with people.  You and your web designer can work together to create the perfect website by knowing your customers needs and making sure the user interface is easy enough to use and understand that a sixth grader could navigate it.

Other ways that you can personalize your site is by adding custom colors and logos that reflect your business well.  Sprinkling in added text like reviews and testimonials can also be a great addition to your site and add quite a bit of credibility at the same time.  Push the value you want to give to your audience and why your business is unique, this is what will help you stand out from your competition and leave your customers wanting more.

I personally know how large of a project getting your business online can be — it can get very overwhelming very quickly.   Even between all of the work, marketing, and networking that you find you and your team doing online to get your business noticed, you need to remember to have fun!  Adding a little flair to your business and your website will not only help you from getting overwhelmed or bored of your website but it will also keep your audience intrigued as well.

Listen to the show to get even more ideas and content on how you can personalize your website and make it truly your own, while still enjoying the whole process.

Websites For Business

Thanks for listening to Passion In Business.  This week is all about building and creating an online presence for your brand and business through  personalized websites.  We are covering everything from my story and how to get started to how to build, promote, and enjoy your website.

Don’t get caught in the holiday season without a way for your customers to easily find you and send you their money.  Ready to get online?  Head over to the Web Design page to start working with me and get your website built quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

I look forward to working with you and helping you get your business online!

See ya on the other side.

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