PIB08 – How To Know When To Change The Direction You’re Going In with Austin Hollingshead

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Quote By Austin:

“It becomes very important to ask the question: Why am I doing what I am doing?  What am I trying to achieve?”

Austin Hollingshead is an amazing guy that gave incredible advice both on business and personal life.  During the interview, Austin gave such incredible advice that we had to split the show into two parts! Listen to Part 1 in Episode #8 and Part 2 in Episode #9 to get the full interview and all of the beautiful insight that is given to you by an incredibly smart and talented person.

Key points From Austin’s Interview:

  • Figure out what your dream is but know when it’s time to change and evolve that dream.  For some, the hardest part of life is figuring out their life’s purpose, for others its pursuing that purpose and making it a reality.  So many of both groups of people never know when to adjust their course or even change their dreams altogether.  Knowing when to make those changes, or evolve your purpose, is essential to creating that big picture.
  • The world is a blank canvas.  A common analogy throughout the entire interview is about the beauty in art that each individual person has.  We each add our own unique brush strokes to the canvas and whether or not those marks are impactful or not depend on your actions in life and how you define yourself.  No matter what, we each add to the bigger picture–what will you and your business add to the world?
  • Question everything. Austin gave a quick story about why people cut the ends off of a ham.  Because this simple task was not questioned up front, it morphed into something much bigger than it was really meant to be.  He makes an outstanding point that it is so important to not only question what others do, but yourself as well.  What actions are you taking (or not taking) in your life that could be changed for the better with the simple question: Why?


Leave any comments you have below and please feel free to get into contact with Allie or Austin for any further questions you may have!  Listen in to Episode #9 for Part 2 of this interview with Austin Hollingshead.

Austin Hollingshead

Austin Hollingshead

Austin has a passion for knowledge. He is often told that he thinks to much, which is absolutely true.  He lives for his family and works hard to understand the human condition.  He is always eager for a deep conversation and to experience all life has to offer.

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