PIB09 – Ask Yourself The Question “Why?” with Austin Hollingshead

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Quote By Austin:

“If you can’t ask the question you can’t find the answers.”

Austin Hollingshead is an amazing guy that gave incredible advice both on business and personal life.  During the interview, such great advice was given that that we had to split the show into two parts! Listen to Part 1 in Episode #8 and Part 2 in Episode #9 to get the full interview and all of the beautiful insight that is given to you by an incredibly smart and talented person.

Key Points Of Austin’s Interview:

  • Make the choice to do everything that you do. “You can empower yourself and say that I am doing what I have to do because I choose, not because I have to do it.. Because I choose to do it.” – Austin Hollingshead
  • What the power of asking the question “why” can do. When you ask yourself why you are doing a task, a project, or even the way that you are living your life you can allow yourself to see a different perspective on the situation and maybe even get some answers on how you can move yourself to change your life.
  • The world is a canvas, there is a piece for each of us to add our own brush strokes to.  During the interview, Austin gave the analogy that the world is a canvas and that he is adding to it all the time as he brings his own special value to the world.  Each of us have that same opportunity and whether or not we add value with our brushstrokes or not is entirely up to us.


Leave any comments you have below and please feel free to get into contact with Allie or Austin for any further questions you may have!  Listen in to Episode #8 for Part 1 of this interview with Austin Hollingshead.

Austin Hollingshead

Austin Hollingshead

Austin has a passion for knowledge. He is often told that he thinks to much, which is absolutely true.  He lives for his family and works hard to understand the human condition.  He is always eager for a deep conversation and to experience all life has to offer.

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