PIB62 – 17 Ways to Grow an Instagram Account

by | May 8, 2017 | Featured Podcast, Instagram, Podcast

PIB62 – 17 Ways to Grow an Instagram Account

May 8, 2017 | Featured Podcast, Instagram, Podcast

Easily the number one question I get asked on a regular basis when it comes to building a business on Instagram, is how to grow a following. So today, I’m going to give you 17 ways to grow an Instagram account and make it easy for you to take action and implement some of these TODAY. Enjoy the show!

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Different Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

#1 – Posting frequency

Don’t let this scare you, all it comes down to is can you post once a day?  Great, do that.  Can you post three times a day?  Great, do that and stick with it.  If you can only post three time a week — then still I say, great, just stick with it and you should be good to go!  Creating frequency with your account is a key factor to growing an audience and building up that follower list.

#2 – Engaging with followers

Reply to comments on your own posts, reply to comments on other people’s post — just make sure you’re engaging with people and getting as many eyeballs on your account as possible.

#3 – “Like Bombs” (ref: Foundr)

Like 3-9 posts on your target audience members account.  Why?  Because this makes your cute little profile picture show up in their notifications a lot more and makes them wonder “Who is this amazing person who thinks I’m so cool?”.  Listen to episode 83 on how to grow your followers with like bombs.

#4 – Create a content strategy

What is a content strategy?  Simple, answer these questions: How many times are you going to post a day?  What types of posts are you going to publish?  What times during the day are you going to publish them?  Ta-da!  You have a working content strategy. (:

#5 – Branded hashtag

Tell your audience to use a branded hashtag that you’ve created to get featured on your account, this will get more people to check out both the hashtag feed you’re using and your own account.  More people coming to your account generally equals more followers.

#6 – Contests and giveaways

Host a contest or a giveaway and (even better) find another brand or influencer who compliments your business and get them to collaborate and do it with you.  You can have people enter by tagging their friends in the comments of your posts and even follow you… guess what?  They’ll (more often than not) gladly do it — if you’re offering the right prize.

#7 – Give them a movement

Tell your audience and potential followers your dream, what you plan to change in their lives, what goals you have.  Give them a movement to believe in and a way to accomplish it… and then they will believe in it and follow you to get the results you’ve promised them.

#8 – Geotagging

Did you even know that you could geotag your posts?  Yep!  Geotag to get found in local searches and get more people checking out your account and business.  Works best for local business.

#9 – Split testing & analytics

Test what works, figure out what doesn’t and then use analytics to track it all so that you can tweak your actions and get the optimal results.  You never know if posting a “tip of the day” instead of a pic of your product or service will resonate more with your audience and push them to want to follow you.

#10 – Utilize your other networks

I have “found mostly on Instagram (@alliemcadam) on my Twitter account description.  Why?  Because I don’t spend a lot of time there — but I am more available on Instagram and want others to know that it’s a great way to connect with me.  Let your audience on other platforms know that you’re on Instagram and push them to follow your account.

#11 – Collaborate (S4S)

You can cross-promote and even collaborate with other influencers and businesses to get more people checking out your Instagram account.  Reach out to them and offer a S4S (share for share) to help each other grow and build up a following.

#12 – Influencer marketing

You can actually pay other people to share your account and content to get more people interested in what you do.  If you pick the right influencer who is highly engaged and in tune with their audience, it can help build up your credibility too!

#13 – Hashtags

Hashtags.  Use them.

#14 – Bio building

Carefully construct your bio on your profile to attract your target audience to you and let them know that your account is where they need to be because you know your stuff and are going to help them with their biggest struggles.

#15 – Instagram ads

When you pay for an Instagram ad it will not only push people to your landing page or website, but it will also come with a “follow” button directly on your post — great way to gain new Instagram followers!

#16 – @mentioning & tagging

Make sure you’re sharing other people’s content and @mentioning them in your captions (common Instagram etiquette) but also tagging anyone that is relevant to your posts as well.  Get’s them to see, like, and comment on your posts but, even better, this also might get them to share it with their own audience (if you’re lucky).

#17 – Respond to comments

Stop being lazy and reply to comments!  Showing new traffic that you’re engaged with your community and you care will pull them in and make them fall in love with you and what you do.

BONUS – Be genuine

Actually caring about people will keep you in tune and scream authenticity to new followers to gain their trust and make them like you.

Do you have a suggestion for new ways to grow your Instagram account?  Let us know in the comments so that we can try it out!  Hope this episode was helpful and good luck building up your community on Instagram!


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