Grow Instagram Following 1k & Beyond

by | May 26, 2016 | Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

Grow Instagram Following 1k & Beyond

May 26, 2016 | Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

Growing Instagram following can be difficult, especially at first when you are trying to get the hang of it.  In this video, we cover: why it is easier to grow an Instagram audience once you get your first couple thousand followers, how you can grow your account beyond one thousand, and how to push through the plateaus you may be experience with you Instagram growth.

Covered In This Video: Growing Instagram Following

  • Two reasons why getting a larger following can make growing your account easier
  • Use targeted hashtags that reinsert with your specific audience
  • Standing out by being personal and having that unique factor
  • Have a theme that is built into your account and your brand
  • Grow your audience on your other networks
  • ReferenceTop 10 Growth Hacks For Growing Your Instagram

This video was in response to a question that was asked by a community members.  If you have a question for Allie that you want to have answered, you can send it in by clicking here and filling out the form.  Don’t forget to include your Instagram handle so that she can specifically help you with your account and with your business!

Ready to take your Instagram to the next level?  Hire Allie as your Instagram Coach and she will empower and push you to build your Instagram community as well as build a strong foundation for your business on this incredible platform.



Trying To Figure Out Instagram For Business?

If you are just starting out on Instagram, have been on it for a while now but don’t seem to get it, or feel like you aren’t getting anywhere — I have put together a great and easy-to-use guide just for you!  Click the link below to get your FREE guide to getting started on Instagram and growing your community!

3 Steps To Growing Your Instagram Community (For Beginners) 

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