How To Monetize Your Instagram Account

by | Mar 13, 2016 | Instagram, Periscope, Social Media

How To Monetize Your Instagram Account

Mar 13, 2016 | Instagram, Periscope, Social Media

Note that this video was recorded LIVE on Periscope.  You can follow Allie McAdam to catch more videos just like this video on how to monetize Instagram.

How To Monetize Instagram

How to monetize your instagram account and turn it into a business!  There are multiple ways of creating a bit of cash flow through your instagram account, these include:

Selling products.  You can promote your companies products by posting them on IG — but remember to not over do it!  Provide value to your community you have built and you are sure to get an ROI.

Promoting your services.  Let your followers know what kind of services you provide, including the benefits that comes with them.

Creating and selling your knowledge / a course.   Are you an expert in something?  Share it in the form of a blog, course, or book and let your followers know that it is worth their time and their money. Highlight the results your community can be sure to receive if they invest in what you know.

Selling a large account.  Do you have a pretty large account already?  If you have a strong and engaging community, with a high following rate, it’s possible that you could sell your entire account to someone else who wants to build off of what you’ve already created.

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