PIB53 – Basic Elements That Make An Instagram Business Account

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Instagram, Podcast

PIB53 – Basic Elements That Make An Instagram Business Account

Mar 29, 2017 | Instagram, Podcast

In this episode I’ll walk you through all the basic elements you should have already set up for your Instagram business account.  Enjoy!

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9 Basic Elements That Make An Instagram Business Account:

  1. strong branding
  2. optimized and attractive bio
  3. a proper (optimized) link in bio
  4. diverse content (UGC, product images, avoid hard selling, lifestyle images)
  5. targeted and researched hashtags
  6. obvious engagement with audience
  7. consistently growing
  8. automated and scheduled systems
  9. pay attention to results and analytics

Want more, in-depth tips on how to fix up your Instagram account and start really making it work for you and your business?  Get the free video training that covers how to pick and use the right hashtags specifically for you business, how to set up your bio to attract your target customer, and how to engage with your current audience.


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