Building a Business on Instagram… What Questions Do You Have?

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

Building a Business on Instagram… What Questions Do You Have?

Nov 9, 2016 | Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

Alright!  You win… I’ve had many, many people asking me how to improve their Instagram marketing and optimize their accounts for their business.

And I understand why.

Marketing on Instagram is becoming more popular than ever, and for a good reason!  The engagement is higher than any other platform, the ability to reach your ideal target audience and customers is all too available, and on top of everything else — it’s owned and backed by the “big dog” Facebook which is accompanied by their incredible ads and marketing knowledge.  Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this amazing platform?

But still, so many of you have questions, and some of you have even sent in those questions to me via Facebook messenger, emailing them to me, or even direct messaging me on Instagram itself.  Which I’m loving by the way!

And I want to be able to help as many of you as I possible can!  After finally getting into the Instagram game at the beginning of 2016, I learned everything I could right off the bat.  Directly contacted big Instagram players and asked them how they were growing their accounts so quickly.  Asked others what their biggest tips were and what advice they would give to a newbie.  AND studied them all, to see what was working and what was not.

Needless to say, I messed up a lot.


One of my very first posts having very little engagement with only 11 likes and no comments whatsoever.

I am proud and excited to share with you that, after all that testing, I was able to go from 300 followers to 3,000 in (get this)… only six weeks.

Since then I have more than tripled my following, built up a community that I can be proud of, and made connections that I never thought was possible for my business.  Exciting, right?

And all this from a simple Utah girl who didn’t know anything when first starting out with Instagram marketing.  Suffice to say… I have a gut feeling you can accomplish my same results and more.  But of course, I want you to be able to learn from my mistakes so that you can do it even faster, more efficiently, and start building a strong foundation for your business right away.

Here is what it comes down to: I want to help you.  But I need to know how I can do that.  So, could you do me a favor (help me be able to help you sort of a thing?) and fill out the question below so that I know the exact, burning questions you have about making Instagram work for your business and can give you the answers your looking for?

ALSO, by submitting your answer you will automatically be entered to win a free Instagram Audit for your account which includes:

  • A detailed walk through of your account and what is / isn’t working for you
  • Profile makeover suggestions for your specific account
  • Actionable advice to fix up your account and make it stand out from the competition
  • Focused instructions on which hashtags, @ mentions, captions, & comments to use
  • Outline on how to attract YOUR target audience for your business or brand
  • And any extra side notes from me that I feel could help you build up your account

How helpful would this be for your business?  Especially if it were to improve your engagement, follower growth, and maybe even your conversions and clicks to your website?  I wish I could of had someone do this for me when I was first starting out!  So hey, let me do it for you.

Fill in the form below to submit your questions about using Instagram for business and also be entered to win a free Instagram Audit.

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As always, I hope that this post was helpful and I sincerely appreciate you being here!

Keep killin' it,

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