PIB109 – Instagram Marketing Guides You Need to Succeed

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Instagram, Podcast

PIB109 – Instagram Marketing Guides You Need to Succeed

Nov 13, 2017 | Instagram, Podcast

Not sure where to get started with Instagram marketing?  Whether you’re a personal brand trying to build a business or an influencer starting from scratch, the process is often very similar when it comes to growing a following and making sales!  In this episode, I talk about how you can accomplish this with the download bundles that are included for all my members and how you can get them too.  Be as effective as you can with Instagram marketing by implementing the right strategies for your specific business!

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Here is a list of just a few of the downloads that are already included in the IG Impact Academy members library for you to use once you join:

3 Ways To Find Your Target Audience

The Best Three Ways To Research & Find Your Target Audience on Instagram

Don’t know where to get started when it comes to finding your ideal target audience or potential customers on Instagram?  Get the these three methods here!

Instagram Bio Checklist

The Exact Elements You Need for an Attractive Bio

In the checklist, find out what parts of your bio are searchable, what to include to attract your ideal customers to you and how to format your bio to stand out from the competition.

Instagram Copy & Paste S4S Script

A Share For Share / Shout Out For Shout Out Script

Use this script to reach out to other influencers in your industry who compliment your business (but are not direct competitors!) to share each other with one another’s audience. Just copy, tweak, paste — and you’re ready to go!

Instagram Sponsor Script

A Copy & Paste Script To Send To Potential Sponsors On Instagram

You can send this script as a direct message on Instagram, as a proposal on Famebit or simply as an email to the brand or business that you are looking to connect or work with.

Instagram Daily Checklist

The 3 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day On Instagram

Use this checklist to know exactly what steps you should be doing every single day to grow your account, engage with your audience and push followers to become potential customers.

Convert Followers To Customers Slides

Grab the PDF of all the slides presented in the Convert Followers To Customers live mastermind strategy call.

Opt-In Page Checklist

The basic elements that are needed in order to create a general opt-in lead magnet page to build an email list.

Sales Funnel Flow

Get the entire flow so that you can set up each element needed in a sales funnel step by step and use the checklist alongside it to link up the pages and elements together.

Sales Funnel Checklist

Know exactly what you need to set up a proper sales funnel to send traffic from your Instagram account bio link (and other places) to in order to both stregnthen the relationship with your audience and get more sales.

Become a member and get access to all these and more today!


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