PIB52 – Kelly Roach | Monetizing Passion Into Profit

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Podcast

PIB52 – Kelly Roach | Monetizing Passion Into Profit

Feb 27, 2017 | Podcast

What an interview!  Today we talk with Kelly Roach, from kellyroachcoaching.com, a brilliant lady who truly knows her stuff!  Kelly shares her story with us and how she continues to push herself every day to satisfy that “unfulfilled” feeling of there is always more that can be done.  She breaks down how she was able to monetize passion into profits — and how you can too!  Hope you enjoy this episode of the Passion In Business Podcast.

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Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach

CEO of Kelly Roach International

Kelly Roach is a former NFL cheerleader turned Fortune 500 Executive and now CEO of Kelly Roach International. She is on a mission to help 1 million people become financially free! She is a podcast host & 11x International bestselling author.



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