PIB39 – How To Make It As A Mompreneur

In this episode, I cover a few of the tips and tricks I have personally learned about being a mom and an entrepreneur and how you can make it while being both!  This is a trending term called “Mompreneur” or “Parentpreneur” (don’t worry dads, we didn’t forget about you!).

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Today’s show is all about how you can make it as both a parent and an entrepreneur — two titles that are more than full time jobs!  And yet there are amazing and strong people who are able to handle this title and rock at it!  Let’s talk about what it takes to be a mompreneur and how you can figure out quick tips and hacks to make it at least a little bit easier for you on a day-to-day basis!

Tips To Making It As A Mompreneur:

  • Own the status of being a #Mompreneur.
  • Schedule your priorities first (rocks and sand analogy).
  • Understand the job description.
  • Banning toxic relationships from your life.
  • Include your family in your business.
  • Focus on the positives!
  • Find the right schedule that works for you.




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