What Is Sassy Pants Momin’?

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Sassy Pants Momin'

What Is Sassy Pants Momin’?

Sep 18, 2016 | Sassy Pants Momin'

Sassy Pants Momin’ is a blog series created pretty much to allow me to vent, write about the stories of my family, and share any lesson I learn along the way (with how many mistakes I admittedly make, there are plenty of lessons to learn!).

Let me tell you a little bit about me… I am a (currently single) mom of an incredible two year old who maybe came into my life a little early, but I promise that it is a blessing I will never regret.  With all of these different labels that I have run into like “young”, “single”, and “mom” you could probably guess that I have battled many challenges during this journey — but then, what mom hasn’t?  With all of these challenges that I have faced I like to think that I have become better for it!

I am also an entrepreneur by heart — and when I say that, I truly mean it.  I have had a hard time keeping a regular J.O.B. (aka “Just Over Broke”) not because I’ve been fired but simply because I consistently wanted to leave or I was terribly unhappy.  Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to live the lifestyle of my own design which pretty much boils down to more time with my son.  In my opinion I am living a dream lifestyle that I couldn’t be more grateful for.  If you’re reading this or have recently found me, I have a feeling you could relate.

Putting these two qualities together of being both a mom and an entrepreneur I have had to fight really hard to be able to provide for my son and myself.  This has been a fight that has had it’s ups and downs but has been completely worth it so far!  Needless to say I have had to grow a thick skin (so to speak) and I know that I still have a lot to learn which I am more than happy to dedicate myself to doing!


What can you expect from Sassy Pants Momin’?  As I mentioned before I plan on sharing plenty of stories and even some fun posts on DIY mom ideas and maybe even a little bit about my parenting style.  I do an insane amount of research when it comes to parenting and even though I am a complete novice at it still (first time mom alert!) I love to hear about other parenting styles and share my thoughts on them too.  You might be surprised on some of the thoughts this young mama has! (:

You can expect different formats of content as well.  I plan on recording videos, writing, and even recording audio types of good, quality content.  While it’s my goal to keep things interesting, it is easy to predict that there will be ups and downs (as is life) and I hope to share a little of it all… You can likely expect a lot of sassy stories coming your way since my son will be involved.  I don’t know where he gets it from! (;

Thanks for reading!  I can’t wait to begin sharing and documenting the story of our family.  I would love any feedback, if you are willing, and you can send it to me at allie@alliemcadam.com.

As always, I hope that this post was helpful and I sincerely appreciate you being here!

Keep killin' it,

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