How To Get Your Target Audience On Instagram To Follow You

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

How To Get Your Target Audience On Instagram To Follow You

Jun 10, 2016 | Instagram, Marketing, Social Media

This video was recorded live on Facebook Live, to subscribe to be able to join in on the broadcasts live you can here.  This video covers a question that was sent to me and I noticed that it was a challenge that quite  a few people face so decided to create a video and blog post to help everyone have the answers and be able to attract their perfect target audience on Instagram.

Audience Question: I’m trying to figure out how to gain followers that are my business target customer : I’m getting lots of other businesses following me, now to figure out how to get the customers. – Kelly

5 Ways To Get Your Target Audience On Instagram To Follow You

1. Use targeted hashtags

By using targeted hashtags that your targeted audience members are using, you are more likely to get their attention and get more eyeballs on your account due to the amazing search feature on Intagram.  When your potential client, customers, or possible followers decide to look for a specific hashtag in search and your posts come up they just might check out your account, like what they see and viola! You have a new follower. (:

Some ideas on different types of hashtags that you can use are: your target audiences interests, hobbies, events that they go to, places that they hangout, etc.  If you still don’t know which hashtags to use you can start by going to your followers list (just by clicking on your follower count on your account just above your bio) and go through all of your current followers that you already have.  If they seem like the type of people you really want to attract to your account then check their posts and see what hashtags they are already using.  It’s likely you will find other members of your target audiences are using the same (or similar) hashtags that your current followers are.

2. Check out your competitors accounts

Head over to your competitors accounts and see what kind of followers they are attracting.  This is a great starting point for you to be able to understand who might be interested in what you have to say (or sell) and become a potential customer or client for you.  You can even go as far as to follow your competitors followers and see if they follow you back or even just to see what type of content they put out and what they like.  Some worry that following you competitors followers is a bit shady and it isn’t something I recommend to rely on or to have it be your sole strategy for growing your following.  However, if you have something of value to offer these people and you know that you can better their lives with whatever products, service or coaching that you offer then by following them and getting them aware of you, you can both build your business and add value to their lives.

3. Tell your other networks

If you’ve already got an “online presence” on other social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and any other platforms, you should let them know that you are on Instagram.  The people who follow you on other networks are likely already your targeted audience so letting them know you are on Instagram and having them follow you grows your targeted community.

Another great tip is to go beyond social media.  Let your blog audience and visitors to your website know about it and you can even add “follow me on Instagram” to your sidebar to allow quick and easy access for the visitors to follow you as well.  This is great for growing your target audience on Instagram but it also helps you to continue the relationship with your community so that they can know, like, and trust you even more!

4. Host contests and promotions

There are so many benefits to hosting a contest directly on your Instagram account!  Some of which includes: growing your email list, getting your community pumped for free stuff, and growing your targeted audience.  Be sure to offer a giveaway prize that you know your targeted audience is sure to love and that is the perfect way to naturally attract them to you.

Here’s an example:  let’s say that you are a “live streaming expert” and you want to target small business owners who have not only heard about how to use live streaming for the business, but have even tried it out for themselves already.  A great contest giveaway prize would be a video pack that includes items like a ChatLight, PopSocket, a one-hour free coaching session with you, and more.  You would offer these items because most live streaming is done through on phones and you know that anyone trying to get into this place would love to get free equipment just like these to help them stand out from all the other businesses and competition that are jumping onto the live streaming bandwagon.  I use this as an example because I have seen this exact type of contest hosted by a great friend of mine, Alessandra Colaci, who is insanely smart when it comes to online marketing and live streaming.  By hosting this type of giveaway, she attracted her target audience and was able to share that contest to her Instagram community.

5. Optimize your bio!

Ok seriously, this is probably one of the number one questions I get asked from my audience: “Hi Allie!  I love your tips that you share on your Instagram account — could you give me some pointers on how I can make my bio better?”  And actually, I love being asked this question!  Because I love to help people any way that I can and optimizing your bio is one of the best ways you can work towards making Instagram work for you and your business!

Here are the top elements you need to really think about when optimizing your bio to attract your target audience on Instagram:

  • Using keywords in your name
  • Having a clear and beautiful profile image
  • Using keywords that resonate with your target audience in your description
  • Optimizing your link (and making sure you have one if you don’t already!)
  • Having a clear message that tells people the value you offer them

If you’re still having some trouble with what you can do to optimize you bio (and the rest of your account including: what to post, content strategy, how to grow your following quickly, which hashtags to use, and any other struggles you have with your account) you can check out my Instagram Audits that I offer to help you fix and optimize everything that we have learned in this post and video!

Kelly, thank you so much for your questions and I hope that this was helpful!  If you have a question you would like to ask or have featured in one of the live videos I do, leave a comment below or contact me and I would be more than happy to help you out any way that I can!

If you are just starting out on Instagram, have been on it for a while now but don’t seem to get it, or feel like you aren’t getting anywhere — I have put together a great and easy-to-use guide just for you!  Click the link below to get your FREE guide to getting started on Instagram and growing your community!

3 Steps To Growing Your Instagram Community (For Beginners) 

Thanks for listening to todays episode of the Passion In Business Podcast, stay tuned for next week’s episode where how to monetize and build your business on this platform.

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