PIB38 – Fundamentals Of What Makes A Great Website

In this episode, I record a live show on Blab with Steve Harris to talk about what makes a great website for business owners.  If you have been trying to figure out what key factors you need to make a good website for your business, this is the show for you!

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Keys To What Makes A Great Website:

  • How aesthetics play a role in building an effective business website.
  • Keeping your branding consistent.
  • What is SEO and how to use it for your website.
  • How to personalize your website.
  • SEO tools to use to audit your site and make it more SEO friendly.


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Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Speaker, Mentor, & Internet Marketer



Trying To Figure Out Instagram For Business?

If you are just starting out on Instagram, have been on it for a while now but don’t seem to get it, or feel like you aren’t getting anywhere — I have put together a great and easy-to-use guide just for you!  Click the link below to get your FREE guide to getting started on Instagram and growing your community!

3 Steps To Growing Your Instagram Community (For Beginners) 

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